Vitreous Floaters - Squiggly lines in the eyes.Squiggly Lines: Floaters

They are known as "floaters" or "benign floaters" or "vitreous floaters": A blurry spot that seems to drift in front of the eyes but does not block vision. The blur is the result of debris from the vitreous of the eye casting a shadow on the retina.  We call them "Squiggly Lines"!  More info below.

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Date: 06 Sep 2007
Time: 09:14:05 -0600

Eye floaters can range from the merely annoying to the visually disabling. Treatment of eye floaters is our speciality. The South Florida Eye Foundation / South Florida Eye Clinic has been treating eye floaters for 18 years. Scott Geller MD, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, pioneered and perfected laser treatment of eye floaters. He presented his first series of successful cases at the International Congress of Ophthalmology in Singapore, 1989. Dr. Geller has the largest and longest series of patients treated with laser in the world. Dr. Geller has lectured other Ophthalmologists in the US about treating eye floaters with laser. And one of these doctors had Dr. Geller successfully treat his own floaters, the world's first Ophthalmologist to have it done! EYE FLOATERS... are a result of changes in the Vitreous Body, the colloidal gel that occupies most of the hollow sphere of the eye. Aside from maintaining good nutrition, taking anti-oxident vitamins, and following a healthy lifestyle, Ophthalmologists have no specific answer on how to prevent them. But there is a proven treatment. Laser has helped thousands of people. It is a reasonable alternative to vitrectomy, an operation that is available if laser can't help.

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Squiggly Lines and Vitreous Floaters

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